20th October 2020


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The reason I started this blog was after I had my book published – Feel Great Wellbeing: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy Life, the title of my second book which is updated from my first book, Stress Management for Carers. 

Why did I use this title?

It was when I was being coached by Eddie who by day was an accountant and in the evenings he was a Sports Coach. At the start of the 21st century, there weren’t many coaches to choose and this was one I found in the yellow pages!  He used to come to my home in the evenings after work and usually gave me some homework to practice on until our next session. Feel Great was one of the pieces of homework he gave me and I do not wish to spoil any reader who may wish to get the book so will not go into great detail except to say that you can feel great even although you do not really feel it.

There is a tool that can be used to actually believe it which I do to this day.

The blog is to help you have a healthy and happy lifestyle.