28th January 2022

Happy New Year – Feel Great: Learn how to manage your stress and enjoy life

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Updated 31/12/2021

Happy New Year to all readers and I hope that this will be a good year for you. It can be difficult at this time as some people feel quite isolated as they may be off work and most of their friends are away elsewhere.

I was speaking the other day to a relative (who is not a carer) who had read my book “Stress Management for Carers”  over a year ago and he was saying how he found the relaxation tips really helpful. I was so pleased with the feedback and that it could help even in a small way.

Below are a few tips which should help start off the New Year.
1. Accept that you are feeling under pressure which can lead to stress
2. Take breaks away from the computer, workplace
3. Chat to friends or relatives for support
4. Drink plenty of water about 8 glasses a day
5. Relax for a short time each day, even for 5 minutes – put your feet up and have a cup of tea
6. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – remember 5 a day
7. Keep a goal setting plan – start with a month, three months and then for a year
8. Have some ‘me time’ each week
9. Smile and it makes you feel better and others around you – have a photo or a screensaver
10. Stay positive and turn negatives into positives

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