18th July 2024


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My first book

My first book I wrote was entitled ‘Stress Management for Carers’ here and this was based on my experience as a carer for my mother, working full-time and also being a volunteer following my mother passing away.

I was a volunteer with a local carer charity and initially emailed carers and then as the system was so slow I started phoning carers. I really enjoyed this and it was good getting to know the carers and they got to know my voice and also any help I was able to give them.

Second book

I set up a training and consultancy business in 2009 and the carer charity was my first customer as they wished me to carry out consultancy and training on stress management. I enjoyed this for several years and following this I wrote my book based on my experience to date.

However, I did realise from several people who had seen my book that it would be useful to have a more generic book and this was when I edited my book and also included new material in the updated version. This was when I had the second book published ‘Feel Great: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy Life’

Feel Great: How to Manage Stress and Enjoy Life is a easy to read book with a step by step approach on how you can manage stress effectively and enjoy life. Find out how you will ‘feel great’ when you get the book.

I have had a lot of very good feedback verbally about the book so if you would like to purchase the book, it can be purchased at Amazon here

16 Ways in Which This Book Will Help You

  1. Will give you tried and tested ways to reduce and manage your pressures and stressors
  2. Shows you ways to reduce worries
  3. Turn criticism to your advantage
  4. Be positive when challenges stretch you
  5. Look and feel younger
  6. Avoid feeling sorry for yourself
  7. Feel and be happier with yourself
  8. Embrace change and live life
  9. Gives you real life experiences of how one change has empowered them
  10. Give power to you
  11. Feel great about yourself
  12. Tells you how to relax
  13. Be successful
  14. How people change, and teams perform better
  15. How to avoid getting emotionally upset
  16. Have More Time with Good Organising Skills

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