17th July 2024

Is it Time for Change?

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We will not forget 2020 being a year with challenges we would never have dreamed of, how will 2024 be for us?  It can be difficult when we may feel quite isolated if we live on our own, or have lost someone or most of friends are away elsewhere. It is ready to embrace a new year with as much positiveness as we can.

I was speaking to a relative (not a carer) who had read my book “Stress Management for Carers” and he was saying how he found the relaxation tips really helpful. I was really pleased with the feedback and that it could help even in a small way.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stress-Management-Carers-Jessica-Smyrl-ebook/dp/B0042G0PV2

So is it time for change? Should you think about goal setting with a new year starting then have a look at How to stay motivated and accomplish your goals

Below are a few tips to help start off the New Year – Time for Change

1. Are you feeling under pressure which can lead to stress? This can be due to all the change we have gone through over the past year such as dealing with loss, illness and major change at work. Do you feel you are you under excessive pressure? Stressed?

2. Check on relatives, friends and neighbours and ensure they are well. Even when it is a phone call or a note it can make a huge difference to someone to realise that someone cares. It also helps to give you a boost to know you have done something small to help. 

3. Ensure you are eating healthily. No matter the time of year, we can indulge slightly but better to keep an eye on what we are eating. When we eat a lot of chocolate and cakes this can give a sugar surge and it is okay for a short time but not good to keep doing this – so monitor what you are eating in excess.

4. Take some time out for yourself – whether a day off or a working day. This can be going for a walk or going to a room to have a think about the day you have had or the day you desire to have.

5. During challenging times it is very difficult to stay positive, but it is always good to think about even a tiny bit of being positive. When you think about being negative, change it to a can do attitude and this will make you feel better regardless how difficult it is.

6. Our next year ahead will be a different one to before, but we do need to be patient, consider others as well as ourselves and be good to all around us. 


Updated from 31 January 2020