18th July 2024


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With a wealth of experience within various organisations, from the NHS to working with companies such as Shell and Barclays Bank and SME’s, YSM Solutions will equip you with the knowledge and skills and techniques you can use in your daily working life or at home.

This is the first time Introduction to Leadership and Management development shortened courses have been offered as open courses. The bottom line with short courses are that they will improve performance management, be cost effective and a higher return on investment. Have a look and see what is of interest to you. They are half days to allow time off work and let you pick the courses of interest to you.

Introduction to Leadership
Learn what makes a good leader which is different from a manager. Find out about the six core themes and practices of Effective Leadership”. Can you think of a leader you admire? What makes a good leader? Find out how…..

Developing Leadership Skills
Find out what leadership is and identify the traits and skills of an effective leader. Look at key leadership theories and consider the role, duties and  responsibilities of a Team Leader in the workplace.  Develop a plan for your leadership development.

Being assertive is essential for a leader or manager without being aggressive. Learn how to communicate more confidently and effectively when dealing with various situations and difficult people. Improves communication style.

Time Management
To help participants develop their skills and knowledge in time management. To enable effective control of time at work to achieve highly effective results in less time.

Bullying at Work
A manager has responsibilities for Bullying at Work. Be able to identify what is bullying and how to to take a proactive approach to prevent bullying.

Building a Resilient Team
Identify the difference between work pressure, performance and resilience and understand personal capacity for overcoming adversity. Learn how to challenge negative thinking and emotional patterns. Understanding of resilience and learn how to promote and develop resilience in the workplace.

Motivating and Goal Setting
Paving your way to success. Learn how to be more motivated with achievable goals.  Develop an achievable action plan.

Stress Awareness for Managers *Popular*
Learn how important it is to manage stress effectively and be able to identify stress and stress-related conditions in your staff. Be able to identify work-related stress and the impact.

HSE Management Standards
Overview of work-related stress and the impact within the workplace, the legal aspects of work-related stress and  the six HSE Management Standards for work-related stress.  Be able to assess performance against the Management Standards

Stress Risk Assessment
Continuing from the HSE Management Standards course, identify the stress risk factors and learn how to focus on prevention and managing the causes of work-related stress. Be able to evaluate the risks and how to adapt HSE’s Management Standards approach to carry out an individual risk assessment and action plan.

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