13th April 2024

6 Steps to feeling more relaxed

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Just 6 steps to feeling more relaxed. This is a quick yoga stretch activity which can be helpful for releasing muscle tension and this could be due to feeling tense and stressed. You can try this at the start of the day, end of the day or part of a routine.

When you are under stress it is amazing how much tension there can be particularly in the upper arms the shoulders, back of the neck, and the back. It is always good to be aware of the amount of tension you may have and be aware of when you are feeling tense. Is it something that has caused it or is it someone or an event? It can be useful to keep a diary of when the tension happens and what is the cause. So often we are not always aware of what is happening to our bodies as our mind and body are not always in tune due to being busy with so many things at one time.

The tension can be due to bad posture at a desk such as leaning over a laptop and not having it at the correct level or just feeling tense with the work you are doing. 

The 6 Steps to feeling more relaxed are:

1. Stand relaxed, arms relaxed at your sides with your feet about a foot apart.

2. Look slightly up to the ceiling with your head back very slightly and hold for five seconds

3. Put your chin on your chest and hold for five seconds.

4. Curl chest and stomach forward as you bend at the waist with your arms loosely dangling for five seconds.

5. Inhale slowly through your mouth as you straighten up. Raise your arms above your head, let your arms drop to your sides as you exhale slowly though your mouth.

6. Let your arms flop at your side and breathe slowly in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth.

The stretch activity is useful and quick to do with no equipment needed and leaving you feeling more relaxed.

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