18th July 2024

Stress Awareness Month 2023

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April is Stress Awareness month and it is a time to be aware of your own health and wellbeing. Physical and mental wellbeing is essential for a healthy lifestyle and here are a few steps to help you on your journey to better health.

Eat Well

Having a well balanced diet is essential to maintain good health and also helps how you feel. You do not feel sluggish but more energised. Check out more information on Nutrition when under stress


Being active helps you feel good about yourself. It can be walking a bit faster with your shoulders back and your head held high which helps your posture. Exercise can be a great stress reliever

Sleep Well

Having a good night’s sleep helps you greatly when you wake up. It is good if you can have a regular sleep pattern such as 7-8 hours per night. Top 10 Sleep Tips

Meditate or Yoga

This helps you relax and feel calm. It can be carried out on a regular basis or at least weekly. This could be going to a class or you could do it on your own at home.


It is good to connect with friends or relatives and be able to support each other. If you are not keen to do this, you can always connect with different groups or online groups. There are quite a few local groups connecting with each other or it could be helping out at a charity and help others.