16th June 2024

Tension Headaches

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Tension headaches can affect us when we are under pressure, whether it is from your boss or having too much to do. It can help for you to focus and identify if there is a pattern and what is causing the headaches, and it may be more often than you have noted.

Causes of Tension Headaches

Some of the causes of tension headaches can be due to:

  • Stress
  • Too much pressure
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Too much caffeine


Keep a log of how often you are getting headaches, take a note of the date, time, what you were doing prior to the headache, and how long each headache lasts. Also note down if you have taken any headache tablets with times and how often.

Have you tension in our parts of your body such as your back, round your shoulders, neck. If you have be aware of when this does happen and if it is lined to an individual or some event. This can help to reduce the tension if you are able to remove the problem. 

Log your fluid intake, especially water, prior to the headache and for the rest of the date. Take a log of the date, time and take note of this and continue to check and see if there is a pattern developing.

If there is a pattern and you know what or who is causing this, then take avoiding action if possible. It could be because you are under stress due excessive pressure. 

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Should headaches persist, ensure you see your GP, Pharmacist or healthcare professional.