28th May 2024

Be Aware when touching your Face

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I am very aware of touching my face or eyes now since I was diagnosed with skin allergies. If I need to touch my face or eyes I always wash my hands first with non-perfumed soap and ensure that it does not contain linalool (one of the ingredients I am allergic to).  For my eyes I may use a clean tissue which I always carry with me in my handbag. 

As we have found out recently with the spread of coronavirus that it is essential to be washing our hands after touching door handles, wash hand basin taps, petrol pumps, cash machines or shaking hands with someone to name but a few. We then may touch our mouth, nose or eyes and these are areas where germs can and do enter the body. 

Hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. Washing hands regularly throughout the day is essential as we can gather germs on our hands from a wide variety of sources in a day. If you do not wash your hands often enough, you can potentially infect yourself by touching your face, nose, or eyes. 

If you have been shaking hands with someone who is coughing and sneezing, aim to wash your hands as soon afterwards as possible.  

It is good practice to look after your health with a routine of washing your hands on a regular basis before touching food, after using the toilet, or touching any of the surfaces above. If you are not near somewhere to wash your hands then have some wet wipes or hand sanitiser and check there are no ingredients in it which you could be allergic to.  

Current guidance is to wash your hands for 20 seconds and ensure they are dried properly with a clean towel.  I always need to be aware when touching  my face.

This is all part of our New Daily Routine – tips to help us have a great day