28th May 2024

Top 10 Sleep Tips

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A great sleep tip is a Sleep Diary can be useful when you are having difficulty to sleep. Write down when you go to sleep each evening and at the end of the week, check and see if there is a pattern. If you are able to stop stressing or worrying will ensure you go to sleep at the same time each evening and get into a sleep pattern. Try and get up the same time each work day. YOU can then feel more energised and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Try out the Sleep Diary over two weeks and at the end give yourself ☺for well done. If you would like a Sleep Diary please get in touch. 

Here are my top 10 Sleep Tips

Aim to go to bed the same time each night for at least two weeks to enable you to get into a pattern. This will help you to get up at the same time each morning especially during the work week. It is good to have a routine and this can continue. 

Keep your bedroom dark to allow you to sleep and to relax. Dark curtains are good and with a lining so that on bright mornings you do not wake because it is so much brighter earlier.

Research states that we should have around 8 hours sleep a night although not everyone can have this amount per night. At least 6 hours is essential to allow us to recover both body and mind for the next day ahead of us. 

A warm relaxing bath can help to relax you and put a few drops of lavender oil in it or another oil or bath foam.

Having a television or your mobile phone in the bedroom should be avoided as you want to keep it as a relaxed and calm area.

Reading a book prior to going to sleep can be helpful but not a thriller or something which will have you thinking about it when you are trying to sleep

If you wake up in the middle of the night, try not to look at the clock – it is not easy to be strict with yourself but do it and it does work. Otherwise you can look at it and see it is 04:00 and then you think it is another 3 hours before I get up for example.

Any worries that are causing you not to sleep, write them on a pad and then you can forget about them until the next day. So have a pad and pen or pencil beside your bed.

Avoid caffeine after 9 pm or earlier as caffeine is a stimulant and will keep you awake rather than help you to sleep.

A warm milky or herbal drink before you go to sleep can help you with a sleep routine.

NB – if you continue to have problems sleeping, contact your GP or healthcare professional.