17th July 2024

Conflict at Work or at home

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Conflict can arise at work or at home and the best thing to do is to resolve what the issue is and this is by listening to the other person’s viewpoint and then trying to negotiate and reaching a compromise.

If you don’t compromise, whatever the issue is will get worse and could blow out of all proportion. This can then lead to being angry and getting stressed.

  • It is best to handle conflict openly and directly.
  • A positive approach between two people involves effective communication by understanding how each other feels and then negotiating with a bit of give and take.
  • Find out what the other person is looking for and wants and you be assertive and state exactly what you are looking for.
  • You have the power to say how you feel, what you are looking for and then let the other person say the same.
  • You will then need to either meet in the middle or give a little and then they may give in a little to reach a happy and useful compromise.

If it is your partner or someone at work, you will have different personalities and different ways of looking at the same thing. This maybe useful but it can be frustrating. It is vital to make sure that you both know how you think and feel, as well as explaining where your view is coming from and how you think it could work but also listen and taken time to listen to the other persons point of view. Smile and nod your nod your head in agreement. This may not the best course of action but to keep a peaceful environment, you may need to compromise more than the other person. Smile again and think that you are a good negotiator and can deal with conflict effectively.

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