28th May 2024

Have you too much Pressure?

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There are many pressures in our lives from lots of different sources. As a result it could be it at work, at home or pressure we put on ourselves. This can leave us feeling exhausted and ineffective.

Some of the signs can be:-

headaches, churning stomach which is like ‘butterflies in the stomach’, lack of sleep, over or under eating, no focus, unable to meet deadlines.

An excessive amount of pressure can lead to stress, and it is essential that you monitor it and ensure that you are not taking too much on. Some of us can cope with a lot of pressure whereas others cannot, and a small amount of pressure can lead to being unable to cope.

When an event or after speaking to a particular person causes you to feel under pressure such as having a tension headache, a useful thing to do is to keep a log of when this happens, how often, and if there is a pattern.

Take Action

Action: avoid the situation or the person and work out the best strategy for you. There could be something you are able to change in your work life and this could be moving job or move to another department.

A very small change can make a huge difference to you. 

Image – is the dog or the owner under pressure or both?

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