17th July 2024

Do you suffer from SAD?

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People can suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the months of December through to February.

It is a type of winter depression that affects about 7% of the population. These months can be long and dark with not much daylight and sun.

Symptoms of SAD

Some of the symptoms of SAD are:

  • low mood which can be persistent 
  • sleep problems
  • lethargy
  • overeating which can lead to gaining weight
  • loss of concentration.


One treatment is a SAD light and research studies have found that it is difficult to interpret findings between the real effect of improving symptoms with light versus the placebo effect. However, it is generally agreed by doctors that there is a good chance that light therapy can improve symptoms if you have SAD.

In the winter months there can be quite a lot of sun during the day, so aim to go out in the sun when you can even for a short time. It is good to be able to go for a walk as this will also help keep you feeling fit and improve your overall mood. 

More info and try the assessment to find out if you suffer from SAD – more details here

Should symptoms persist, check with your healthcare practitioner.