16th June 2024

5 Acts of Kindness

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 theme is kindness on 18 – 24 May with the focus on kindness. It is timely especially with the coronavirus pandemic having such an impact on a lot of people’s mental health. Here are examples of 5 Acts of Kindness. 

From Mental Health Foundation’s chief executive Mark Rowland’s blog, he says “focusing on the power and potential of kindness. We think it could be the most important week we’ve hosted, not least because our own research shows that protecting our mental health is going to be central to us coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic – with the psychological and social impacts likely to outlast the physical symptoms of the virus. 

Some acts of kindness can help not only yourself but others. Here are 5 Acts of kindness:-

Do something nice for a neighbour, friend, or a stranger

Maybe you are getting shopping for a neighbour or a friend just now when they may not be able to go out and this is a great help not only for them but also when you help someone. You could be phoning people you know and finding out how they are and if they need anything.

It is a good time to send a letter to people you may not have been in touch with for a while and they will be pleased to receive it. How about putting a note through someone you know is on there own just to let them know you are closeby. 

Thank someone

This could be thanking an assistant in the local supermarket who will go and look for something you cannot find. This has been happening a lot and I am always so impressed with how helpful they are.


When we smile at someone, they will smile back, and it makes such a difference not only to them but to you also. Even smile at yourself in the mirror and this does help your mental wellbeing. 

Volunteer your time

This could be by helping charities with delivering food to families in need. It could be helping with skills you could utilise especially if you have been furloughed or even if you have been made redundant. Here is a link to Volunteering Matters with some hints of what you could be doing during this challenging time.  https://volunteeringmatters.org.uk/volunteer-safely/

Be kind to yourself, and your happiness

Always be kind to yourself and this can be rewarding yourself with something such as purchasing an item online – there are a lot of reductions just now, so it is a good time. Not only will this make you feel good but happy also.

These 5 Acts of Kindness are some examples for you.  Have a think about some acts of kindness you could do on a regular basis. At this time being kind to yourself can also be making sure you have a good night’s sleep – here are   Top Sleep Tips


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