16th June 2024

Exam Stress Tips for School or at University

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When it comes to exam time, it is possible to be under a lot of pressure leading to stress which may affect your sleeping pattern. Try and get into a sleep pattern of about 8 hours each night and get to bed at the same time each night. This will enable you to wake up in plenty of time to get ready for the day ahead. Try not to take your mobile phone into your bedroom, keep TV off and no computer games after a certain time. This helps to get a good night’s sleep and makes you feel wide awake and more energised the next day.


Take time out to enjoy yourself. How do you usually relax? Meet friends and chat to them away from books, go for a walk or whatever helps to relax you.

Set Goals

Start studying well in advance of your exams and give yourself goals with specific dates and times you wish to complete a certain piece by. This can be on a weekly or a monthly basis and in turn will lead to stress free studying as long as you plan it well in advance. If you leave studying to the last minute, this will lead to high levels of stress so start planning and achieve your goals.

Get some fresh air– go out for a walk and get fresh air into your lungs which will in turn help the blood circulating round your body and help you to think clearer.


Going for a run or playing football or a game you enjoy will take your mind of exams even for a short while and when you go back to your books you will feel invigorated and ready to start studying.


Keep in touch with friends and family and by actually talking to them rather than on the phone or text. This helps and does relieve tension, anxiety and stress.


Aim to eat healthily. Having more fruit and vegetables can help the immune system and make you less tired. Eating chocolate or crisps is okay but not all the time. Keep an eye on the traffic light labels on food.

Day of the exam

 Get up early and have breakfast and walk to school or university if possible. This will help you be focused and clears your mind. Remember keep cool, calm and collected and be positive. You have done the studying and you will do your best and when it is over forget about it until the results………

Image by Kimberley Farmer – Unsplash

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