16th June 2024

Nutrition when under stress

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When under stress, the immune system is depressed due to high levels of corticosteroids secreted from the adrenal glands.

All stimulants such as caffeine should be removed and replaced with water and wholesome foods.  The stimulants which cause emotional stress are coffee and tea, as they include caffeine, sugar and alcohol which can also trigger emotional stress

One of the vitamins depleted when under stress is Vitamin B Complex and in particular B5 which is necessary for the adrenals. Vitamin C is reduced when under stress, so additional daily intake is essential.   An amino acid called glutamine crosses blood and brain and has a calming effect on the mind.   Valerian and camomile teas help to relax.

Have 5 a day

Five a day is very important and this can be a combination of fruit and vegetables.  When under stress, certain vitamins are reduced such as Vitamins B and C.  

Vitamin B

There are different elements to Vitamin B and can be found in breakfast cereals, wholegrains, 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, kiwis and blueberries also potatoes.

Nutrients such as iron are also reduced when under stress and spinach or any green vegetables are a good source.  Zinc is also reduced and can be found in oysters, meats, and liver, wheat germ and pumpkin seeds.

Be Mindful when Eating

When eating your food, take each mouthful slowly so that you are able to firstly see it and enjoy looking at the different colours, smell the aroma, then taste it and this will slow down your breathing and help you to digest your food properly.

All the above will help your wellbeing when under stress and improve wellbeing. It is also essential to be able to identify the cause of stress and to be able to effectively manage it.  Prevent Stress and Improve Wellbeing


Updated from 2/06/2017

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