16th June 2024

How often are you feeling under stress?

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I was recently speaking to an attendee at Stress Awareness training course and he said that

“I did not realise that all my stress was at work and there was nothing at home. It has been a real eye opener for me” Jim

I had run two sessions over two weeks and it was when Jim (not his real name) arrived at the second session that he said the Stress Diary had helped him to look at what he was doing and what was happening to him. He went on to tell me that he had handed in his notice as work was making him so ill and it wasn’t worth it. I did ask if he had anything to go to and he didn’t but felt that it was essential for his mental and physical wellbeing as well as his home life that he took this very brave step.

Stress Diary – free download

The stress diary is a very useful tool and you could try out the diary and here are some tips:

  1. Identify dates and times over each week to see if there is a pattern when you are feeling under pressure which is causing signs and symptoms of stress.
  2. At the end of each week, add your totals up and make action notes of any areas where you feel you should take some action.
  3. Record how you feel using one of the smiley faces, at that time.
  4. Complete the six weeks and then go to the activity at the back of the diary.
  5. You may not be sure what causes your stress and this will identify if it someone or a situation which is causing stress.
  6. Each day, make a note of the time, how you feel and how you react
  7. Identify the tasks you did and meetings you had at work that day
  8. The diary will help you to identify where you should be making changes – be it at home or at work.
  9. Have you any time to yourself – make a note when you are having some time out?
  10. Is it all about your job and the demands or changes at work?
  11. Do you feel tense or anxious?
  12. Can you cope with pressure but when it is excessive you cannot cope?
  13. Is it impacting on your sleep and feeling tired?
  14. Have you control over your life?
  15. Can you take control?
  16. Do you have time to meet friends?

Once you have completed the stress diary here are some Action Notes:

Complete the Stress Diary and then identify changes you will make in your life.

Example: Scenario.

  1. Look for more support.
  2. Speak to X and let him/her know exactly how you feel; they may be completely unaware of their reaction as they could be starting to show signs of stress in their behaviour and becoming more aggressive.
  3. Have a word with your line manager/ team leader.
  4. Discuss with a colleague/friend.
  5. Do nothing.
  6. Ignore X.

YOU have more power to change around you.

Activity – Make a list of priorities and put them in order of importance






For the free Stress Diary and download.                      

If in any doubt or if your stress levels persist and are impacting on your physical and psychological health, please see your GP.

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