16th June 2024

A Day of Rest helps our wellbeing

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Updated April 2022

I was in Girona for a long weekend in 2017 and was very surprised to find that most of the shops, museums, restaurants and cafes were closed on Sunday. It got me thinking that this is something which should be brought back in the UK as our lives are on the go from the time we get up until the time we go to bed. It is time to have a day of rest.

A day of rest does not need to be for religious reasons but for your body and mind to relax and replenish for the week ahead. There are many scientific reasons why we should take a day of rest:

Reduces our stress levels

As we are on the go for a large part of the day, it is good to be able to relax and forget about work and the worries which we have. Taking a walk in the park, for example, helps to release endorphins which not only help with a ‘feel good factor’ but helps to clear the mind otherwise the impact of stress can take its toll on our mind and body.

Reduces circulatory and heart disease

With so many jobs nowadays sitting all or most of the day, this can lead to heart conditions, diabetes, and obesity. This can be an issue whether sitting in an office, working from home, a bus or in a car so getting moving can help away from the work area.

Does your short-term memory worry you?

Then taking time out does help away from work and going around shops rushing along with all the others. Taking that day of rest will certainly help the memory by being away from phones, computer, emails and going to meetings. Getting away from work and grind does help the memory as long as you keep away from all the other gadgets relating to work.

Commuting to Work

This can cause us a lot of stress be it in the car, bus or train. At least if you are in your own car you can have the music or whatever you would like to listen to or have it quiet. Whereas on a train or a bus there is always someone talking loud, sniffing loudly without using a hankie, on their mobile phone or listening to loud music that you don’t like and can be very irritating.

Whether you are working from home, hybrid or travelling to work aim to have some time to yourself whether it is walking round the block or going to a local park this can help relieve any tension you may have. Ditch the Headphones – even for a few minutes

Well your day of rest can be one when you don’t need to use any transport. In Girona, there were hardly any cars or busses about and I saw only one taxi!

Get away from Stressful situations

The release of adrenaline can to help when there is a stressful problem which causes our adrenaline levels to be raised, this leads to strain on the body and in time to pain and fatigue as well as mental effects. This effect impacts on raised blood pressure, muscle tension, and hormonal imbalance causing immune weakness and sexual dysfunction.

Strategies to help improve the immune system are to exercise regularly and this can be walking, running, using the stairs instead of the lift, reduce alcohol intake, adequate sleep and eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, also keep an eye on the amount of saturated fat and sugar and salt intake.


When you have had your day off there is nothing to cause you worry from work or from a relaxing day, so you should be able to drift off to a natural sleep………Top 10 Sleep Tips

More Productive

After you have had the rest day, you will feel a lot more productive – there is clear research that taking breaks does help productivity and to think much clearer.

Be positive

Having some time out can help you be more positive as you will be able to think through your negative thoughts after your rest day. This will help you to focus more clearly and realise that being positive helps both your physical and psychological well-being.

I should say that I take a day away from emails, shopping and work on a Sunday so that when it comes to Monday morning I am ready for the week ahead as I am refreshed and relaxed.

Why don’t you try this one day in the week and see the difference it does make?