16th June 2024

4 Tips of what you can Control

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Updated 26 January 2021

Whether in lockdown and taking the social distancing advice along with face masks and hand washing. Some people are fearful to return to any kind of normality especially if they have been shielding. We are worried about what is out of our control and the 4 Tips of what you can Control should help moving to the ‘new normal’.

It is time to consider not only ourselves but others when we are out. It is good to continue to keep a distance from the next person and be kind to yourself and to others. Covid-19 has not gone away, and it will not be going away in the foreseeable future.

Now is the time to think about what you can take control of and what you cannot. We can worry about the future, but it does not really help your overall health and wellbeing.  5 Acts of Kindness

Below are 4 tips of what you can control

Control versus what you cannot control

When I carry out training, I suggest having a column of what you can control and another column of what you cannot control. What you cannot control you aim not to worry about but what you can control consider what actions you can take.

An example could be that you are worried about your current job – is this within your control. Well it is and this is a good time to look at your skills and see if there is anything you could train on especially as there are so many virtual training courses.


Ideally start with what you can control. What you can’t control is ‘out of our hands’. Write in the column what you can control. Where do you begin? Think about your own situation. This could be around your job, home life, finance, or health. Focus on what is under your control e.g. moving to a new house or not and the reasons you want or need to move. We are in control of ourselves and our actions. We are not in control of other people, places, and things.


Think about what you can influence and moving forward in a positive and proactive way. An example could be you have good problem-solving skills. Well think how you can use them to influence for the future.

What you cannot Control

Only you will realise there is nothing you can do, and it is best not to use too much energy over this, as it can make you feel helpless and exhausted, worried or concerned and it is best to shift your focus to what you can actually control.

Choose 3 activities

Think how you can move your actions, your thoughts, and energy from what is out of your control and move to what you can control. You will find there is a change in your attitude and your energy level and will feel more positive for the future.

The 4 Tips of what you can Control should help you now and in the future. 

Stay safe.  Check out our courses page here

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