28th January 2022

Staying calm will help you be more focused

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Staying calm at all times and keeping cool whether in a work or a personal situation can be challenging. As long as you stay calm it will be easier for all around you. So often we can get upset and angry with others, don’t use up excess energy. Take a deep breath in and think ‘I must stay in control here’ and say this several times to yourself. Once calm you will feel better to deal with the current situation and realise that it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

YOU can calm yourself by sitting in a comfortable chair, put relaxing music on if you like. Close your eyes and breath in slowly through your nose and then slowly out through your mouth. Start saying to yourself calm, calm for as many as 100 times.

To help calm yourself and keep you calm try yoga or some relaxation techniques. Another useful technique to keep calm is to have a screensaver or photo of a view or activity that maintains calmness whether it is yachting or walking amongst trees or in a park.



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